Opening Mid Summer 2017

Brand New Luxury Apartments
For Rent In Foster City

Refreshing. Bold. Inviting.

This is the face of mythic luxury brought to modern life. The Triton offers a compelling and urban boutique hotel feel as well as a tranquil peninsula experience. These new, inspired, and intelligent 1 bedroom, 2 bedroom and 3 bedroom apartments for rent in Foster City, CA are perfect for Silicon Valley professionals. Each flat, loft, and live/work space has sophisticated, hand-selected finishes and fixtures. Onsite offerings include clubhouse, e-lounge/business center, penthouse lounge, fitness center, yoga room, landscaped courtyard, and pool area.

Enjoy scenic views of The Foster City Lagoon, fresh coastal breezes, abundant dining as well as enviable proximity to the docks for endless water recreation. You’ll also appreciate proximity to award-winning schools and major employers such as Gilead Sciences, Oracle, VISA, Sony Computer Entertainment, and IBM. Best yet, you’ll be freeway close and have access to the San Mateo Bridge like never before.

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Leasing Center Opening Mid Summer 2017

55 Triton Park Lane, Foster City, CA 94404

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